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Distilled water and 99.999% pure silver AVAILABLE: in 2oz or 8oz bottles 


Nebulizer Kit

Using a nebulizer to help someone who might have allergies, sinus and respiratory weakness can be beneficial. A protocol might be to do a five-minute session upon awakening, 2-3 times during the day and again before bed. Can be done for one or two weeks.




Distilled water and 99.999% pure gold AVAILABLE: in 2oz or 8oz bottles 


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Stevan Flores, (Riverside)

Thank you Doctor Dave, I cannot thank you enough for this product. Today is July 13, 2020 and I am making my 11th purchase of the nebulizer package. The nebulizer with silver colloids has proven to be an amazing health benefits for me and my family. Because of COVID 19 I have been coming back for more. I have four family relatives in Mexico and California would have now had COVID 19. Besides taking their vitamins and their diet they all claim silver colloids was the nail in the coffin that helped them end COVID 19. One case in particular stands out, my uncle got the virus in Mexicali being over the age of 60 he was at high risk for his life. He was two points away of being put on a ventilator. Praise the Lord that his nebulizer package arrived in time. After using the product he claims he felt instantly better and within two weeks he tested negative for the virus. He cannot thank you enough. This stuff was God sent !

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