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Healing Our World

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

“Healing our world,” sounds like an impossible dream? Overwhelming, frustrating to even consider. There is a saying, “Think globally, act locally.” Herein lies the path we can take, a win-win for all that we love and value.

You want to benefit your mother and father’s health; your sister’s, brother’s, spouse and friends also. You consciously become healthier; physically, attitudinally, socially, financially and in all ways. Children, parents, friends and loved ones pattern each other. Heal your locality; (your self). You infect the world with health.

These are things we can do. We are each aspects of this large body of humanity. We can become more secure in our health and stronger is our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits; individually and collectively empowering ourselves and each other. The flip side of any crisis, (our aunt’s cancer, brother’s car accident, teacher’s mental illness, a loved one’s death, fire, war, etc.), is an opportunity.

Opportunity to wake-up and honestly look to see if our thoughts and actions are more a part of the problem or are we an improving, developing aspect of the solution. After waking up to our individual destructive attitudes, shortcomings and judgments, we simply change those aspects of our living to reflect and exemplify our healing ideals and solutions.

Now is our time to come through for all our relations; family, friends, leaders, teachers, mentors and children; for all our loved ones, past, present and future.

We are all moving; doing the best we can.The keys to this movement are simple and available. Gratitude and thanksgiving, praise and appreciation, tolerance and flexibility, love and kindness, compassion and understanding.

Providing these qualities for ourselves is the way we care for our families, which in turn provides for our neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, countries, continents, planet, solar system and galaxy. Just so we don’t leave anyone or anything out. We are all in this together, individually and collectively. We may fall short here and there, but we stand again determined to do better.

So we start and/or continue being care-filled and kind to ourselves, appreciating our bodies, improving our lifestyles, understanding our weaknesses, working, playing, laughing and resting with more care, ease and effortlessness. Now is the time for cleansing and renewing our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. These are healing times…

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