Psyllium Blend (16 oz.)


Psyllium acts as a cleansing agent to the digestive tract by soaking toxins off the walls of the small and large intestines.


Directions: Take 1 tablespoon / 2 times daily.


Ingredients: Extra fine psyllium seed husk powder and pure glyconutrients.

Psyllium Blend


    What people are saying...

    Catherine and Mack Harris (Post Falls, Idaho)

    My husband and I generally take pretty good care of our health, and it is important to us  to use holistic and natural pathik approaches to keeping our immune system strong. As  well as in treating any illness that comes along. 


    A couple of months ago we both came down with COVID-19 when a family member  stayed with us over Christmas who had it unknowingly. We immediately bumped up our  routine with supplements and the Healing Ways Silver Colloids. After fighting the  onslaught of symptoms of COVID diligently for approximately one week it, had looked  like we were both getting a little better, but then it turned corner and my husband got  much worse. 


    On a side note, he had been hospitalized a year and a 1/2 ago with a life threatening  case of full body sepsis, which I believe really compromized his system, including his  lungs. This is where he aggressively added into his daily medical treatments nebulizing  Healing Ways Silver Colloids, and saw full recovery in him! 

     Being 72yr old, he opted to go into ER to see if he in fact had COVID, which we  discovered he did, and that meant that I did too.They admitted him, then refused to give  him the more natural therapies we thought to be the most effective to treat it. I sent him  with an arsenal of natural immune building supplements which they also refused to let  him take. After 5 days of a bit of improvement, but not not yet fully out of the woods, he  insisted on being released. When he got home he was still so weak & coughing,  nutritional depleted by then. (Guess why!) I immediately put him back on the regimen he  had been on along with me, but adding some bigger 'guns' to conquer this virus. I had  seen significant progress in my own case after stepping up taking far more Healing  Ways Silver by dropper orally, and nebulizing it for 20-30 min many times per day. Thus,  I became diligent in seeing to it that he did the same, in addition to other quality immune  builders. He felt, and I saw, significant improvement in him now, as well as myself, in a  matter of 2 days!! His cough quickly began dissipating. I noted that his rate of healing  seemed to correlate with how frequently he orally took & nebulized the silver!! We  continued to prioritize this theraputic easy treatment to get fully well and strong!. So very  thankful we discovered this product back when he had been so critically ill. This will be a  very integral part of maintaining our future health!! Thank you Healing Ways!!