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Experience the difference with Healing Ways, read these real stories that are truly amazing!


I just started using the colloidal silver spray for reoccurring sinus/ear infections from regularly swimming in the ocean/pool. Within the first day of use the pressure and ache was 95% gone... 2nd day completely better. I have never used any product that works so well and so fast. Truly amazed by it !!



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B.M.F. (October 2019, Desert Hot Springs, CA)

I love your silver and gold. My left side (arm and leg region) was numb and I used the silver (2 parts) and gold (1 part) in combination. I breathe it continuously 7-8 times a day and after 5 or 6 days my left side was back to normal, some sort of blockage was my estimate (fear of stoke). Now my right hand and arm are swollen so I am back to the nebulizer. This year my health has been better since using the silver and gold.)


 We swear by Healing Ways Silver Colloids both spraying and breathing it. My daughter recently cleared her ear infection.We started Healing Ways products in 1998.

Charlene, Clark’s Health Food Store Manager (October, 2019, Riverside, CA)

VVO (July 2019, Palm Springs, CA)

I cut my hand a few days ago and placed a bandaid with your silver colloids on it, replacing it several times my hand was healed in two days! I have been using your silver colloids for over 4 years and wouldn’t be without it. I have used it in a nebulizer for bacteria in my teeth, gums and jaw. I gargle it around in my mouth and swallow it. I haven’t had a cold in several years because of your silver colloids. I also keep it on hand for my dogs. AMAZING PRODUCT!

Thanks David for all your help in educating me on how well your Healing Ways Gold Colloids really works! After having an injury to my shoulder with constant pain for months and was seriously contemplating on having surgery, I took your advice and starting taking your gold colloids under my tongue every morning and night. I also used my nebulizer as you had recommended with 1/part gold and 2/parts of your Healing Ways Silver Colloids. Without realizing that my pain was slowy disappearing and even my wife noticed that I was not complaining of the pain every night I was amazed! Now after many months, I cannot believe that your gold colloids completely has taken away the inflammation to my shoulder and it is back to normal and pain free!


Greg (February 2019, San Clemente, CA)

Rhiannon (August 2018, CA)

When I was first introduced to David’s Silver Colloids, I had been diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder with Dystonia. At the time, I had a prominent gait disturbance. I began using the Silver in a nebulizer many times throughout each day. With each passing day, I experienced noticeable improvement. Within three weeks, I showed no visible sign of any gait disturbance and the dystonia in my toes had completely cleared up. Thank you, David, for your kindness and generosity and for offering such a great and viable product!


You have given me continuous knowledge and the unbelievable support through the years of helping my mom cope with her COPD(stage 4),Asthma,Chronic 

Bronchitis and Allergies!

THANK YOU SO MUCH David for your continuous knowledge and the unbelievable support you have given me through the years of helping my mom cope with her COPD (stage 4), Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Allergies etc. etc...After many years of my mom going into the hospital because of her COPD issues she has finally found a NATURAL solution that REALLY WORKS and has NO side effects !!!


She literally has been able to replace most of her albuterol treatments (if not all) in her nebulizer and is now using Colloidal Silver instead !! Her asthma pumps have been replaced by spraying silver in the back of her throat when needed and also using the nasal pump for her allergies along with many other attributes like keeping her immune system much stronger.


Healing Ways Colloidal Silver is truly a miracle product that I feel would be wrong if not share with others!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a powerful natural product that is must in everyone’s home !!

L.H. (January 2018, San Clemente, CA)

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